Friday, July 25, 2008

Morning Harvest

6:30 am: I went out to our garden and harvested betony, calendula, California poppy, chamomile, gotu kola, speedwell, skullcap, placing it in my little basket, one stalk, then a flower, another leaf, omming and singing, praying and thanking, feeling the sun on my neck, smelling the sweet scents of the earth, hearing the morning songs of the birds.
Poetry of life.

The bounty escapes onto the counter.

Unique unto itself, it is easy to sort.



California Poppy


Gotu Kola





By 8:00 am, they are on trays and ready to go into the dehydrator.

It will take eight hours to dry the herbs. Then they will go in their jars.

4:00 pmThese herbs are organically grown. With proper handling, they retain their vitality, effectiveness, taste, aroma, and colour.

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