Monday, June 23, 2008

The Reductionist’s View is too simplistic

Allopathy says:
Physical life is the most important thing to be treated. Hang on, going to extreme measures, far beyond your personal lifespan.
Give the psyche some good drugs so it won’t bother you.
All can be corrected with a good diet and lots of exercise

Alternative says:
Psyche is the most important thing to be treated.
Analyse your thoughts and dreams to see where that is affecting your personality.
A healthy psyche will heal you physically.
Herbs, vitamins, supplements are all you need for a long life.

Energy Practitioner says:
Energy body is the most important thing to be treated.
All dis-ease starts in the aura and works its way into the physical body.
A healthy aura that is regularly cleansed and Chakras that are regularly balanced is all you need to heal on all levels of Be-ing.

The truth may lie with all of these points of view when they are combined into a cohesive whole. No one has all the answers. A balanced approach is required for Holistic healing.

Individuals are a holograph for society and often reflect the ills of that society on a personal level, which results in various neuroses.

Conversely, when we become ‘healed’, at peace, and full of joy, this affects and heals society as we interact with it, one person at a time.

If we have a persistent infection that, left untreated, will compromise body and soul, antibiotics may be a good answer. If our limb has irreparable damage, allopathy will come to the rescue. If cancer is plaguing our body, chemo, surgery, and/or radiation may save our life and give us time to make our contribution to the world.

Herbals help heal on all levels – physically, emotionally, and as we develop an awareness of and gratitude towards the botanicals we join with each day, spiritually. Our energy benefits from the energy of the earth.

Cleansing the aura and balancing the Chakras is preventative to dis-ease in the body. Staying in our own energy, clearing our own side of the street, and respectfully allowing others the same privilege is key to a healthy energy system.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Getting Organized

I have decided on which herbs I would like to use in my practice.

On Monday, I accepted delivery of eight dozen 500 ml jars with gold lids. I spent most of Tuesday sterilizing them. On Wednesday, I filled them with my herbs and ran off labels for the side.

Then I put them in alphabetical order on the dining room table, put a hand-written label on
the top, and placed them back in the boxes.

Later that night, I made a list of the herbs and created signs for the end of the boxes.

These 96 jars are now stored in a dark location, very handy to just pull out and put a remedy together.