Thursday, April 10, 2008

Medicinal Herb Garden Part IV

It was a bit sunny for a few minutes today, so I put some of my stronger plants on the steps to soak up the rays. They were out for about an hour. I was hoping the weather was changing so I could put all 24 outside but alas, not today.

I noticed the Sweet Violets and Soapwort are slowing making their way out of hibernation. These seeds needed to be put outside in the frost so that they can break through their tough outer shell and make their way into the world.

As well, the Senna and English Lavender seeds had to first be soaked for 24 hours. I placed them between two sopping scott towels for a full day. It took quite a while before they showed any signs of life in the soil. Now, they are coming along, too.

We are expecting 30 live plants to come from Richters' Herbs in the next month or so. I will have a wonderful variety of herbs to share with my class in mid August, when they come.

It's like Christmas every day as these beauties sprout, grow, and expand one cell at a time... a real miracle.

Be well; plant a herb garden.

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