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My plan to become a Master Herbalist

26Oct07 updated on April 4, 2013

This journey has not come easily. Four years ago (2003), I did extensive research into formal courses on herbalism. Two years later (2005), it came down to two colleges: a Can Am College, and Heart of Herbs. I choose the first one because it is Canadian.
I was beside myself with excitement on receiving the course. When I went through the first chapter, I was shocked beyond words. In thirty-seven pages there were one hundred and thirty-six type o's and other errors. It was like someone had written the course but no one had proof read or edited it after that. I had no satisfaction from the man who was running the college and ended up eating $77.00 upon returning the course. I gave up on getting a formal education for a while, as I regrouped.

In the fall of 2007, I began mull it over again. A few months later, I received some wonderful news from a dear friend about her new herbalist degree but she could not recommend the local college she studied with. Her news lit a fire in my heart once again. I dug in and spent an entire day reading every word on eleven herbal websites. I found a file in my documents and was reminded of Heart of Herbs. There was a link, which took me to the Master Herbalist page. I read every word on that website and then I called Demetria Clark (I had already spoken to five teachers from the other websites I'd visited in the morning) and when I got off the phone I knew I'd found my teacher-someone who knew their stuff and with whom I could connect and share. I prayed about it and left it for overnight. The next day, I ordered the course. This course was disappointing to say the least. When I sent in my homework, I never heard back from her. When I asked questions, there was no one answering me back. After spending a year trying to get some feedback,

I moved on and found Rosemary Gladstar. Her course through Sage Mountain is the one I recommend to anyone who emails me about it.

I already have thirty-five years of experience of ‘personal, family, and friends’ in the use of herbal remedies. I want to become certified through formal learning so I can help more people in a deeper way. I've earned a Ph.D. in Energy Healing and have worked with the body systems for years. I have taken courses in Aromatherapy, and I’m a Natural Perfumer. I adore plant life and work with Gaia and my Spirit Guides when I collect herbs. I am grateful for all that the earth provides. Over that weekend, I came up with a plan of learning. To me, it seems very comprehensive and covers all angles.

Part One:
Enroll in a comprehensive program. Done

Part Two:
Herbal Preparations
Order a DVD course on herbal preparations. Done
I have ordered the Herbal Preparations and Natural Therapies DVD course and will proceed with that. This way I have a pseudo-instructor to make sure I’m in line with the generally accepted protocol for creating product. I have been making my own product for years and have never had a problem. That being said, I heartily advocate the ‘checks and balances’ system.

Part Three:
Herb Identification DVD. Done   I've also read 49 books on Herbalism and love living from this point of view. See the book list down the right.

What is a Master Herbalist?
A Master Herbalist sees the whole person rather than a set of symptoms or diseases. He or she considers the emotional state, the general vitality, and the nutritional needs of the client, involving them in an integrated holistic herbal program, which targets specific health issues and concerns.

A Master Herbalist is trained in every aspect of herbalism including plant identification, wildcrafting, herb gardening, botany, human anatomy & physiology, preparing herbal remedies, referring, combining herbal formulations, and suggesting protocols for sound health. There is a lengthy Intake Process to get the full picture. Often adjunct therapies are suggested, as well, to assist in overall wellbeing.
Lastly, a Master Herbalist neither diagnoses nor prescribes. We are consultants only and can simply listen and make suggestions, sharing what has worked for ourselves and others. No health claims are made. Our clients take full responsibility for their own wellbeing, actively researching on their own behalf.
And so, once again, I'm on my way to becoming... a blossom opening to the warmth of the sun... a tree reaching beyond its limits... a seed splitting the atoms of my armor and coming out of the shell that was 'I'...

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  1. I love the Heart of Herbs course too. Demetria is an awesome teacher.